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Transform Your Media Landscape with Hearbitz for Business:
Enhance Business Engagement with AI-driven Multilingual Briefs and Captivating Voice Summaries for Breaking News!


Why Choose Hearbitz

AI-powered Summarised News

All the content has been summarised & filtered through AI superpowers.

Multiple Languages

News to get notified about what happens in the world are in multiple languages.

Data-Enriched Media

Drive your media business (digital newspaper or media corporation) forward with AI-driven voice summaries, unlocking deeper insights for a competitive edge.

Enhanced Engagement

Engage your audience with innovative voice-driven news. Hearbitz ensures captivating, accessible content, setting you apart in an era of shrinking attention spans.

Competitive Differentiation

Stay ahead of the curve by integrating AI-generated voice summaries into your digital products. Offer a distinctive value proposition that sets your business apart in a crowded market, attracting a wider audience and advertisers.

Efficiency and Timeliness

Streamline your editorial processes and meet the demands of real-time news consumption. Hearbitz enables you to deliver news updates promptly, allowing your business to be agile and responsive to current events.

Monetization Opportunities

Leverage the allure of AI-powered voice summaries to attract premium advertisers via 3 (three) different advertising mediums: Voice, Video and Banner. With a more engaged audience, you can explore new revenue streams and partnerships, turning the innovative Hearbitz feature into a revenue-generating asset.

Brand Modernization

Position your media brand or digital newspaper as a forward-thinking industry leader. Embracing AI-driven content not only modernizes your brand image but also communicates a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Use Cases

Expand Your Reach Through Voice

Amplify Audiences: Broaden from Readers to Listeners

Transform the way you deliver news content! If you have a wealth of daily news articles meant for readers but are eager to broaden your audience, Hearbitz for Business is your solution. Enable seamless broadening from reading to listening, reaching a wider demographic with our AI-driven voice summaries. Elevate your content accessibility and captivate a whole new audience eager for an immersive news experience.

Stay One Step Ahead in the Content Game

Content Superiority: Outpace Competitors with AI Brilliance

In the competitive realm of content creation, standing out is key. With Hearbitz for Business, you don't just keep up—you lead the media industry. Elevate your business presence by integrating our service and staying one step ahead of competitors. Leverage richly-created, AI-summarized news to provide your audience with unparalleled insights and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Drive Innovation and User Acquisition

Innovate and Grow: Acquire Users with Future-Forward News Delivery

Encourage innovation within your company while acquiring more users for your news platform. Hearbitz for Business is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for change. Integrate our service to infuse innovation into your content delivery, attracting a fresh wave of users eager for a modern news experience. Embrace the future of news consumption and watch your user base grow.

Boost Engagement in an Era of Shortened Attention Spans

Captivate in Seconds: Elevate Engagement with Hearbitz

In an era where attention spans are shrinking, captivating your audience is paramount. Hearbitz for Business is your secret weapon. Elevate engagement by delivering innovative, voice-driven news experiences. With captivating, accessible content, set yourself apart and keep your audience hooked, ensuring your business stays at the forefront of engaging news delivery methods. Transform brief moments into lasting impressions with Hearbitz.

How Integrate Hearbitz

Transforming News into Engaging Experiences

Discover the future of news consumption with Hearbitz for Business. We take your extensive news content and seamlessly transform it into captivating AI-powered news summaries in voice, creating an immersive and accessible experience for your audience.


Hearbitz API

Tailored Intelligence on Demand: Your News, Your Frequency, Your Format

Unlock the power of Hearbitz with our API tailored for your needs. Define the frequency of news summaries, choose your preferred format (JSON, CSV, XML, and more), and access a wealth of AI-generated content personalized for your business, providing timely and insightful information to your users.

Hearbitz API

Hearbitz Widget

Immersive Voice Summaries: Transform Your News Page Experience

Revolutionize your news page with the Hearbitz News Widget. Embed our widget to deliver an entire news page with all news articles summarized in voice, enhancing user engagement and offering a unique, modern news experience.

News Reimagined: Enhance Each Article with Voice Summaries

Elevate each article on your digital platform with the Hearbitz Article Widget. Embed this widget to provide a specific news summary in voice for every article, keeping your audience captivated and informed at the click of a button.